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~Luxury Body to Body Sensual Massage, Authentic Bliss Tantra, Erotic Tie & Tease~
San Francisco - Oakland - D.C - Boston - New York - Nashville

* Please note: I do not offer Escort or “plus” services. *

I offer Healing Touch, Deep Heart Nourishment and Sacred Activation through the Life Giving Power of Love, Consciousness and Supreme Erotic Energy.


Menu of Options:


Full Body Sensual Healing (Body to Body Nuru/Thai/TheraErotic Massage:

Profoundly Nurturing. Erotic Innocence.

Experience full spectrum nourishment as your entire body is ravished open with profound love and authentic sensual presence. With warm oil, I engage my whole body and expert hands to arouse, caress, and sanctify every inch of your flesh. Using a floor mat to facilitate extra closeness, I blend long, flowing, full body strokes, Nuru style body-to-body massage, gentle Thai stretches, nurturing holding positions with tons of slow building Edging. My signature style builds and blends your erotic energy from the very beginning all the way through to the epic finale. As a passionate lover and natural healer, I wield deep sensuality through every minute of this massage. My emotionally empathic nature allows me to connect deeply to your inner core so I know just what you need and how you need it. Candles and ambient music create a serene environment where you can lay back and let go as I pour my Love all over you. My unique combination of Peaceful Nurturing and Passionate Eroticism will envelop you in an oceanic space of pure bliss, where you can find your center again. Stress and tension are expertly unraveled with the healing power of Pleasure, returning you to a state of Relaxation, Clarity, Vitality and Inner Peace. 

 This Holistic Sensual Healing treatment will leave you feeling Open, Alive and Deeply Loved.


Duration West Coast/Nashville East Coast
1 Hr Full Body Sensual Healing $350 $400
90 Min. Full Body Sensual Healing $450 $600


Tantric Activation: 

Authentic Bliss Tantra + Full Body Sensual Healing 

Evolve. Grow. Come Alive. Discover a New way of BE-ing.

 Are you ready to go deeper? I've created a profound Tantric modality called Authentic Bliss Tantra, a combination of Erotic Ritual, Sensual Meditation, Ecstatic Breathwork and Secret Techniques woven together with a luscious Full Body Sensual Healing Massage. 

 This enlightened modality is designed to Immediately Enhance your experience of your Body, Sexual Energy and Consciousness. 

More Pleasure. More Love. Higher States of Awareness.

Authentic Bliss Tantra activates the Source of Inner Bliss and True Fulfillment at the heart of who you are, revealing a deeper experience of yourself and heightening the vivid intensity of your direct experience of the moment. In the bedroom, it can transform you into the Evolved Lover you’ve always wanted to be. 

These Tantric methods are Real. Simple. Powerful. Effective.  

Add a deeper dimension to your Full Body Sensual Healing Massage with this profound Tantric foundation, and Elevate your energy to new heights of expansive, full body pleasure.


Duration West Coast/Nashville East Coast
90min Tantric Activation $500 $600
2 Hour Tantric Activation $700 $800
2.5 Hour Tantric Activation $900 $1000


Sensual Surrender- (Erotic Tie & Tease/Sensual Domination):

Endlessly Sexy. Totally Thrilling.

Experience aching eroticism with a twist of kink in this explosive tie and tease treatment.

Lets skip the massage and get right down to it, shall we?

Meet my Femme Fatale alter ego, a smoldering seductress that relishes in her sensual power. First I'll ensnare you with my hypnotic presence, tempting you with my intoxicating beauty, then I'll gently restrain you to a massage table. Watch how deeply I revel in driving you wild, teasing you to the Edge and back until you’re begging for more. I absolutely love toying with your desire, unleashing my primal energy and taking total control of your pleasure. Experience the rush of blood pumping, heart racing eroticism with just a hint of danger

This is the absolute finest in Sensual Domination, for those who just love a good tease. 

*Please note: This session does not involve sadistic or humiliating power play.*

Repeated tease and denial will have you burning with Desire as I slowly wrap you around my finger, emptying your mind and opening your body to new heights of erotic intensity. 

Give yourself over to the Power of the Feminine, and let me show you how good it is to Let Go.


Duration West Coast/Nashville East Coast
1 Hour Sensual Surrender $400 $500
90 Minute Sensual Surrender $600 $700
2 Hour Sensual Surrender $800



Conscious Hedonism-A Tantric Feast:

 Feast of the Senses +  Authentic Bliss Tantra + Bath Ritual + Full Body Sensual Healing

 Lets get intoxicated… on 100% Pure Life!

 This Luxury Tantric Ritual Session is for the Sensual Connoisseur. Taste the natural euphoria of having your senses alive, heart open, passion activated and consciousness elevated! 

Intentionally activating the 5 senses is the ultimate form of Divine Foreplay. The Tantric Meditation of savoring sensory experience heightens your sensitivity and awareness, making you more susceptible to satisfying pleasure and exquisite states of lucidity. 

 We will begin with a Sensual Feast, slowly savoring each of the senses one by one:

Sound-Opulent Tibetan Singing Bowls and My Hypnotic Siren Voice
Smell-Savoring Roses, Skin Aromas, Pheremones and Essential Oils
Sight-Appreciation of my Goddess Body and Sensual Dancing
                           Touch-Subtle Flesh on Flesh Sensations. Goose Bump Tingling Sensitivity.                              Taste-Fruits and Chocolates Hand Fed by your Goddess, sometimes right off of her Candle Lit Curves.

 With the senses fully Alive we will explore Authentic Bliss Tantra, a combination of Erotic Ritual, Sensual Meditation, Ecstatic Breathwork and Secret Techniques designed to Immediately Enhance your experience of your Body, Sexual Energy and Consciousness

Then comes a candle lit bathing ritual where I wash and caress you from head to toe. The warmth of the water combined with my soothing voice will have you deeply relaxed and open - a perfect place to dive into a Full Body Sensual Healing Massage!

 Beginning the massage from this relaxed yet activated place intensifies the energy between us and is sure to transport you to entirely new dimensions of deep, intense, long lasting pleasure.

 Conscious Hedonism is a Shameless Indulgence in Natural Intoxication… but instead of giving you a hangover, it feels downright good for the soul.

 When was the last time you really spoiled yourself?


Duration West Coast/Nashville East Coast
2.5 Hours $900 $1,000
3 Hours $1,100 $1,200


Tea and Talk:

A Tea and Talk can be added to the beginning or end of any session, up to 1 hour, at the rate of $160/hr. Due to my scheduling needs, Tea and Talk needs to be reserved in advance. 

*Perhaps you would like to begin our time with a relaxing conversation where we can get to know each other better. Lets just enjoy simply being together.

*Why rush to end a good thing? Lets relish and luxuriate in the delicious afterglow of post-session bliss. Adding 30 minutes to the end of your session gives us time to cuddle and soak in the potent energy.

*Perhaps you desire a compassionate and empathetic listener to share and reflect on a current life situation. I am an emotionally intelligent and intuitive conversationalist. One of my best qualities is my ability to listen deeply and without judgement. I know how to ask the right questions, and if you desire reflection, I can deliver penetrating insight to provide a new perspective.

*Perhaps you have questions or concerns you would like to address around your intimate life. Where else can you have a frank conversation about Love and Sex? Having been a student of sexuality for many years, nothing is off topic for me. Let me help you get to the heart of the matter.

*Perhaps you’ve read my Blog or Twitter feed and are curious to know more about my unique perspective on Evolutionary Eroticism, Spirituality or Sensual Healing- Lets geek out!

*Perhaps you want to know more about this thing called Tantra. What IS it exactly? My 10 years of Tantric exploration have made me a seasoned and wise Yogini. I would love to share my knowledge of this potent mystery path with you. 


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