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Rave Reviews

What they're saying about me...

Mark, Santa Rosa CA:
"I was euphoric for days..."

Jim, Santa Cruz CA:
“Vela’s sessions are like none I have ever experienced. By way of background, I am an extremely intense and busy senior level professional, and am amazed at my transformation during our sessions. She sets up a truly sacred space that enables me to drop all pretense, to let go my egoistic tendencies and fall into the consciousness and love that is our natural state. This deeper experience stays with me, as though the veil separating me from my true self has dissolved in places. Sessions with Vela feel as though I am in session with god, with the absolute. The fact is, I am. There is nothing more precious than such a deep inner experience, and I feel immense gratitude to Vela at each session. Will I continue going back? I am but a moth to this flame of love, life, being.”

Tom, Washington DC:
“I’ve never met a woman who was so completely aware of her sexuality and how to use it on a man to make him feel….fantastic!!!”

Lance, Santa Rosa CA:
“Extremely spiritual and nurturing experience. This woman knows her stuff. A full blown sensual angel. Needless to say, I was in heaven. Vela is an amazing person.”

Shane, Washington DC:                                                                                                                                
"Velas' beauty is a 10 in my book and she has the most beautiful eyes. I wanted a session catered to my needs of receiving which she did by putting me in pure bliss. The 2 hours together was like no other I have had before. Her breathing and caressing all over my body was an uncontrollable feeling of tingling that was amazing. When I left I felt like I was walking on air. I was so in tune emotionally it was amazing. I was ready to make another appointment the next day but couldn't make my schedule work. Will see Vela as soon as I can."

John, Santa Rosa CA:
"As you know I am so grateful for your presence, your gift of healing, and of course your beauty and sensuality.  I am learning to expect, but continue to be surprised and delighted by your gentle, honest and penetrating insights.  Coming to see you yesterday I had no idea we would go to such a place of revelation and healing. On some level I ended up with a significant better understanding of myself in this world (and perhaps another one too).  It was something that could take years with a therapist but with you it was a whole lot more fun."  

Alex, San Rafael CA:
“Delicate or strong, probing or resolving, her touch is graceful and accurate.  She asks good questions, both verbally and with her hands.  It’s effective, and you’re floating while she’s fixing you up. She is dynamic in how she responds to what she finds and what you say, rather than scripted or habitual, and she will notice and tend to what needs doing.  This is in itself a rarity.  She is in the moment, applying everything at her disposal, as if there is nothing outside the room. Mixing that with her deep and talented sensual work, her perceptive and skilled energy work, and her expert application of what Tantra is appropriate, her cheshire cat gaze and the way she feels,  and all my old hunting strategies and methods are unnecessary.  I just call her.”

Sam, Washington DC:                                                                                                                                                         
"Thank you. Life Changing." 

Ben, Washington DC:
"I am so grateful for our time together yesterday.  Many moments were blissful but the totality was more profound than blissful.  You reached me so quickly on so many levels. Thank you.  And bless you.  You will be swirling in me for months to come."

Charles, Washington DC

"It is difficult to describe how appreciative I am to have met Vela and experienced
our sensual, spiritual, thoughtful and deeply caring time together. I felt 
at home in my erotic sensuality and being open to receiving her love and power. All of me on physical, spiritual and emotional levels was welcome. 
I felt honored and seen in a genuine way. I have not wanted to look at porn for about a week. I have felt open hearted and more in my authentic self after our session. I really appreciate the path of healing service of Vela. Other practitioners claim to provide sacred Tantra, but none have given the genuine level of sheer fun, friendship, and open human sensuality. Gratitude to Vela for an awesome and unique holistic session. I really trust and honor her as a person and gifted artist, and she is very attractive too."

Tim, New York NY:
"Thank you. That was heaven on earth." 

Ryan, Santa Rosa, CA 
"Vela is a certified Tantra Educator and has dedicated her life to this passion. As a result, deep connection is important to her. Her studio is like a temple, very intimate, safe and secure. Once you enter it, you really need to let go of the outside World and surrender to her. She taught me about breathing and the importance of meditation. All I can say is that these were the most seductive sessions that I've ever experienced in my entire life. The energy, love and release I felt is the most intense feeling I've ever experienced without having actual sexual intercourse. She uses amazing edging techniques that become in tune with you. As a result, you'll be amazed by how you feel afterwards! If you're interested in meeting a very charismatic healer who is totally into the Tantra arts, who is interested in a very personal connection, then you won't be disappointed by Vela. She's to be cherished and extremely respected. I'm still mesmerized and spellbound by her today."

David, Petaluma CA:                                                                                                                                                          
"Thank you dearest Goddess for a most remarkable experience. Our session was so vastly beyond my wildest imaginings in-terms of the energies and openings I experienced - and oh yes - there were the incredible waves of pleasure...Thank you so much for sharing such love and healing through your soul work."

Micheal, Novato CA:
"The greatest sex secret ever? Vela shared it with me half way through today's session. I will never forget it. By the way, it's also the secret to living fully."

Eli, Santa Rosa CA:
“That was completely unlike anything I have ever experienced. I feel a joy inside that I havent felt in a long time. I feel like I am home again. I don’t know how to convey how much this means to me. All I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“She kept me on edge, teasing me and caressing me with her voice, hands, and beauty. She sometimes caressed my muscles, making me feel masculine and strong; then she channeled the Goddess and I became small. Back and forth, a duet. I shuddered with the intensity of it. It was as if making love to the disembodied spirit of the eternal feminine.”

Brian, Washington DC:

"I've been touched by a lot of hands in my life... Yours are by FAR the best."

Russel, Washington DC:
“Let me tell you what I said before- you are unique. The way you look deep into the nature of  relationships and the underlying sensuality and then marry it to the spiritual and the human is so powerful. You truly are the most amazing person I have ever met. I am feeling happy and hopeful because I met you!”

“Vela provided me with the most memorable session I have ever experienced. It was beyond anything words can describe. She is a very real and very special woman who connects on the deepest level. Go in with respect and appreciation and you will have a mind-blowing experience. I will without question repeat.”

Michel, New York, NY:
“The healing mastery, beauty, strength and femininity in one lady made me surrender: I may have met a Goddess. I will forever be grateful to you Vela, for this awesome and humbling experience.”

M.T, Sebastopol CA:
“I’ve seen Vela eight or nine times, and it just keeps getting better.  Yes, she works on your body, but she also works on your mind and your soul.  Someone once said that the most important sex organ is the brain.  If you’re willing to work with Vela to engage your brain, as well as the rest of your being, she will lead you to an amazing place. If you want to experience incredible joy and fulfillment, she’s the one to see. Physically, Vela is absolutely beautiful. Her touch defies description–she has the wonderful ability to bring you to the cliff, and then walk you along the razor’s edge until you want to jump.  I will continue to see Vela for as long as she’s willing.”

“Absolutely transcendental experience from a very real, VERY sensual, loving goddess!”

Tom, Windsor CA:
“Vela, this afternoon passed into another dimension.”

Nick, New York NY
"I've been seeing providers for 20 years. That was by far the best I've ever experienced. I'm serious. What you do is completely amazing."

“This is not the provider that you should seek if you are looking for anything other than an intensely emotionally satisfying experience. Don’t get me wrong, physically it was awesome as well, but there is much more to her than that. She is very down to earth & positive about anything & everything you could have to say. Its hard to put into words the kind of experience I had, but if you seek something beyond the typical provider she is definitely the lady to see. She is the type of person (on a platonic level) that I could enjoy being around everyday. On a sexual level, I think it goes without saying that she is essentially everything you could want. I will repeat again when the timing is right.”

Jonathan, Minneapolis MN:
“From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. For the wisdom, caring, insight, and complexity, being with you, conversing, or whatever, is always startlingly healing and transformative. When I came in I was a wreck, and I felt spiritually and physically new on my way out, even if a little sad to leave. You are truly an exceptional and good person. Thank you again. I cannot properly express my truly heartfelt gratitude, and that to me, you are a real, and kind, loving person.”

“Vela is simply the best I’ve ever experienced.  She’s the real deal–a professionally trained Tantra goddess who will take you where you’ve never been–both spiritually and sexually.”


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