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How is your Full Body Sensual Healing massage different than other FBSM experiences?

A: I studied Tantric Massage with one of the worlds most influential teachers and authentic Tantric lineage holders. I've blended that wisdom with my extensive knowledge of the body and eroticism and created a profoundly Holistic Sensual Healing massage. I use a floor mat or bed, rather than a massage table, to facilitate extra closeness. I combine Nuru style body-to-body massage, gentle Thai massage stretches, long, flowing, full body strokes, nurturing holding positions and tons of slow building edging.

Unlike most FBSM experiences which save the erotic aspect for the "happy ending", my signature style builds and blends your erotic energy from the very beginning all the way through to the epic grand finale. This profound experience is not executed as a formula, rather, it is fluid, intuitive, and responsive to the needs of your body in the moment. It is a dynamic, intimate, touch-meditation that addresses the Totality of your Being through the vessel of your body. Born out of an ancient spiritual lineage with a modern erotic twist-you truly will not find a massage like this anywhere else!

Do you provide GFE, Oral Sex or Intercourse?

A: No. I respect those that provide these services, however, it is simply not my calling. The quality of passion, presence and deep sensuality I bring combined with extensive knowledge of powerful techniques for holistic, full body pleasure can make this experience better than sex. 

Do you allow mutual touching?

A: I begin all sessions by having you completely surrender into purely receiving. I am a highly gifted, sensitive being. This sensitivity allows me to create pure magic between us because I can listen deeply to your body to sense exactly how you need to be touched and how to bring out the most powerful sensations in you. In order for me to listen this deeply, I need to be in a state of attunement and meditative focus. This experience is truly all about YOU. Once the flow of energy has been established, I will invite your appreciative caress. 

I truly want the session to be as satisfying as possible, which means I need to keep my body relaxed and open so I can transmit my Deeply Sensual, Electric Energy into you. I am an extremely passionate lover when I feel safe, relaxed and open. YMMV depending on the day and the energy I feel in the session. If you must require a specific type of mutual touch I am probably not the right provider for you. If you consider Mutual Touch to be a cherry on top of an already delicious and satisfying sundae- we will get along famously!

Do you experience pleasure in the session?

A: Yes! Lots! I am exceptional at what I do partly due to years of study and practice but also because I genuinely love it. During our time together I engage my awareness, breath, voice and body movements and practice Inner Tantric Yoga to generate delicious, passionate, loving energy inside my body. This energy then rubs off on you, which skyrockets your experience. I love creating dynamic tension between us and playing with the fire of Desire.

Giving pleasure is a huge turn on for me and there is little else in this world that I love more than touching someone deeply and experiencing them surrender into ecstasy. I use tons of body to body contact in the session and that generates a lot of delicious energy between us that feels amazing for me- as it does for you too! Because of my exquisitely developed sensitivity, I do not require intense stimulation to experience pleasure. Sometimes just one breath is enough to send ripples of euphoric delight through my whole Being. Even though this experience is all about YOU, you will certainly be able to feel how much I enjoy myself!

Can we have dinner before our session?

A: For our first meeting I require that we keep our time together contained within the session space. Once we have become established in our connection, I am happy to dine with you before or (preferably) after our session. Please be advised- I am a classic introvert: sensitive, creative, intuitive and emotionally intelligent. Shallow talk and ego stroking is not my cup of tea. I respond well to open hearted vulnerability, whether personal and revealing or simply fun and playful. If you’d like a dinner companion to explore intimate, deep, meaningful conversation with- I can be a dream come true. If this style of communication is intriguing but feels intimidating- allow me to take the reigns and guide our conversation to sweet depths of real, authentic connection.

*The Flat Rate for Dinner Companionship is 300$*

How will I know when you are traveling to my city?

A: You can check my Calendar or sign up for my Newsletter. I send out a Newsletter once every few months to notify you about tour dates, blog posts and other exciting news at Sensuality For The Soul! Or- if you just can't wait to get a dose of me- check out my Twitter Feed at:

I’m nervous about my session. Can you explain what will happen?

A: One of the most common reflections I get when I first meet someone is, “You seem so calm and relaxed.” Your nervousness is likely to melt once you are looking into my kind eyes and feeling my soothing presence. I know what I’m doing, and you can trust that it’s going to be easy between us. If this is your first time seeing a professional, I recommend booking a session that is longer than an hour or adding a Tea and Talk to the beginning of your session. 

When you arrive you’ll casually place an envelope somewhere in plain site. We won’t mention it. Then we will sit, clothes on, and talk for a few minutes to settle in and simply connect as two human beings. I’ll address any questions you have and ask you a few questions to help our time together be as satisfying as possible. Next, I’ll have you take a shower. When you return, the real magic begins. One thing is for certain, I will guide you through each step of this journey. You don’t have to do anything but receive. I’ve got you. Let me take care of everything.

What do I need to know before showing up for my session?

A: Please refer to the Etiquette Guide.

Do you see women or couples?

A: Yes! Absolutely. In the case of a couple, I ask that the woman takes the lead in reaching out to me. I will require a phone conversation with her before we begin the booking process. 

May I bring you a gift when we meet?

A: Gifts are never expected but always make me smile. I do not drink alcohol- I prefer fine organic teas, Kombucha and sugar free green juices. For a decadent indulgence, refined sugar free raw chocolates always get me in a sultry mood. If you are feeling the need to spoil a girl- my wishlist is filled with gifts I would be jump-up-and-down excited to receive! You can send them discreetly or bring it in hand when we meet <3

I’m very interested in booking a session but your rates are too high for me. Do you offer discounts?

A: I offer sessions at a reduced sliding scale price only to the most sincere seekers who are in need of real healing or education, who would benefit greatly from my Holistic Sensual Healing modality and who do not have the financial ability to meet my fees. I believe this profoundly transformational work should be available to anyone who truly needs it. Please be advised I will Only give consideration to the following situations:

  • Healing from Trauma
  • Healing Sexual Shame or Severe Intimacy Blocks
  • Healing Pornography Addiction
  • Healing the Relationship to the Feminine
  • Healing the split between Spirituality and Sexuality
  • Healing from Depression, Anxiety, Meaninglessness
  • A Sincere desire to learn Tantric practices
  • Veterans of War

If your situation falls into one of these categories, you may write me a sincere and detailed application describing your situation. Only the most thoughtful, respectful requests will be considered. This offering comes from my heart, from my passion for healing and my sincere desire to be in service to the evolution of consciousness on the planet. You can fill out the application here: Holistic Sensual Healing Sliding Scale Application


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