Vela formerly Heather Dione California FBSM Erotic Bodywork



*Please enter this sacred container with an attitude of Receptivity. I offer a highly unique Service of sensual healing and erotic activation. Consider this to be a journey. Allow me to guide you. When I experience you as receptive and appreciative, I can relax and open to the flow of my erotic energy. When I am relaxed and at ease, my love pours onto you in infinite proportions.

*Please make sure to pick the appropriate session that matches your honest desire. All of my sessions focus on extended full body pleasure. All are catered to your satisfaction. However, each session offers something different and I devote great time and energy crafting each one to be amazing in its own unique way. I ask that you respect my time and energy by showing up in alignment with what that particular session has been designed to offer. If you are needing a lot of intensity, primal desire and smoldering hot erotic fantasy- pick Sensual Surrender. If you want to relax, unwind, and be nourished with passionate, loving sensuality- pick FBSH. If you are sincere about learning real, effective techniques for expansive love, awareness, pleasure and embodiment, if you want to add profound depth to your FBSH and are ready to show up for your Evolution as a lover and as a human being- pick Tantric Activation. When you know what you want and can show up fully to receive it, your satisfaction doubles!

*As much as you may want to smell great for me, please don't spray on cologne before our session.  

*Please refrain from imbibing drugs, alcohol or coffee immediately prior to our meeting. Intoxicants are a wonderful indulgence for an appropriate place and time. For our session, I need you to show up with a clear awareness and an open mind. You'll be surprised how easy it is to relax once you are in my soothing presence. 

*Even if you have showered recently, I will ask that you shower when you arrive and rinse your mouth with mouthwash. I want you squeaky clean so your body can become an intimate canvass I can get up close and personal with. Please make sure to pay extra attention to the armpits, pelvis and anal area. 

*Tributes should never be discussed in person. Please bring an unmarked envelope to leave discreetly on the table in the session room upon arrival.

*I allow a 10 minute grace period for lateness. Arriving more than 10 minutes late will cut into our session time.

*If you need to cancel less than 24 hours before the time of our session, I will require a payment of 25% for the scheduling inconvenience. No call, no shows will not receive the opportunity to rebook.

*Please understand that my sessions are incredibly unique. I've designed a style and brand that is unlike anyone else. If you've seen another provider that offers similar services or uses similar words in her advertising, do not assume we offer the same type of session. Release your past concepts and get ready to be taken somewhere new!

In sensual anticipation...



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