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Modern Culture and The Loss of Soul:

We live in a culture that is addicted to speed, accumulation of wealth, status symbols and power. We worship at the altar of material success, always striving to be bigger, better, stronger and faster. Productivity is the ultimate goal. Regardless of the type of work, few can escape the seduction to climb to the top. We run our bodies ragged on caffeine, unwind with the dead glow of a television screen and obsessively check our devices, terrified of missing the next important thing. In the hustle and bustle of this technology soaked rat race, as we search and reach and compete for satisfaction, are we ever truly satisfied?

Stress and depression have become an epidemic. Our loneliness has become fatal. Sexuality has been reduced to the most base, shallow and materialistic forms. Technology increasingly replaces real human connection through our fixations with online profiles and video games. Authenticity and intimacy is lost as we obsess over our image and deny our inner experience.

What if our Deepest Desire is closer than we thought?

Look around you. Everywhere you look there are human beings who are perpetually lost and dissatisfied. There is a collective feeling of emptiness and perpetual distraction. It is an ache that we all carry, constantly searching for someone or something to fill us up and make us whole. We try to find it in entertainment, money, toys, drugs, marriage, pornography, job promotions and food. We try to buy it, shop for it, earn it or ingest it. Yet we wind up perpetually longing for something more. Many of us wonder every day: Is this what life is really all about?

In the midst of this dominant culture our tender hearts are aching for depth of connection. We all crave to be nourished, fulfilled, contented and at peace, yet the promise of external stimulation often seduces us away from the nourishment we crave.

What is Soul?

When we say something has Soul, it means it has a particular depth and genuineness that infuses us with a sense of meaning that goes beyond our intellect. Something about it feels more real than our day-to-day existence. A soulful experience is alive with fiery passion and raw emotional power. Its beauty moves us, activating our imagination, our longing, our joy and our grief. When we encounter the Soul, we sense a profound truth that we can’t quite put our finger on. In that moment, we are holding a precious mystery. A soulful experience touches something deep inside of us. When this place is touched, it is as though we are making intimate contact with who we really are. It is vibrant and palpable yet mysterious and intangible. It is an inner experience of wholeness. In these moments we are infused with vitality, and a feeling of being truly alive.

We are all yearning for the antidote to our chronic feelings of emptiness.  In our honest hearts, what we really desire is a soulful connection to a deeper meaning that reminds us that we are alive. The paradox is that this soulful connection has been right under our noses all along. It is available to us in this very moment through the gateway of our own body, heart, awareness and sensations.

Soulful Sensuality:

Sensuality has the potential to deliver us into the supreme nourishment, wholeness and feeling of Aliveness we all are so fervently craving. Sensuality grabs hold of our wandering attention, bringing us into strikingly intimate contact with the present moment. Sensuality softens our grip of control, opening us up to receive the flow of life in all its mysterious beauty. Sensuality invites us to slow down, to drop the agenda of our busy lives and to savor and relish in the pleasure of our immediate experience.

The five senses are all doorways into a state of heightened sensuality. Sight becomes a decadent play of colors and textures erupting with beauty and meaning. The smell of flowers, air and the sweetness of skin can awaken our passion and arouse our sacred longing. The sound of music can break our hearts wide open. The timber in a voice can send shivers down our spine. The taste of fruit or honey or flesh can transport us into a state of deep joy and celebration.

And, of course, Touch.

Life touches us. In each moment we are being caressed by life. The touch of life is intensely intimate and we often attempt to numb and control when and how we will allow ourselves to feel existence moving through us. We fiercely defend ourselves as we reject the potential nourishment of this life force, desperately grasping for gratification outside of our own bodies.

Sensual touch has the potent ability to reverse this deeply ingrained neurosis. When we open ourselves to receive a touch that is both loving and arousing, our defenses begin to melt. We begin to trust the flow of life force, surrendering to its power and imbibing its healing elixir. Truly sensual touch is infused with genuine presence, depth, intimacy and raw emotional power. When we our open body to receive this touch, we are plunged into the waters of Soulful experience. It is within these waters that we can reach the depths of what it feels like to be fully Alive. 

Every single one of us longs for this kind of touch. Touch that listens carefully to the language of our flesh, intuitively knowing exactly what will give us comfort, drive us wild and make us ache with ecstasy. We all long to be ravished by touch, taken by passion, cracked open by pleasure and held in deep affirming love. There is nothing more exquisitely vulnerable than being touched in this way, for it opens us to the place inside of us that feels like home, where we finally can rest in who we really are. With true intimacy, we become naked- literally and figuratively. In this nakedness we are revealed. This revelation is the ground for deep healing and transformation.

Maps to Soul:

The work of the Temple Priestess is not to indulge you for the purpose of momentary gratification. 

As a Priestess, I serve as a guide to lead you home and to taste deep wholeness within. I take you into my arms, into my heart, into my presence, and through the intimacy of our exchange, I show you how to tap into the Sublime Reality of Soulful Sensuality that is always available to you.

My extensive knowledge of ancient Tantric practices for accessing this reality is offered to you through direct transmission. These transmissions are like maps to guide your awareness to the boundless love, intimacy, pleasure and raw power that is pulsing within your direct experience.

By entering this nourishing state of fullness, you begin to notice this reality blending in to your daily existence. The pathways to joy, peace and vitality become more defined and thus easier to return to. You discover the inherent sensuality of the moment urging you to become present. You feel the nectar of pleasure reminding you to relax and receive the flow of life moving through you. You tap into your passionate lust as a catalyst for creative expression. You embrace the beauty of your intimate experiences, seducing you into wholeness again and again.

Through my awareness, I help you to enter a state of true presence

Through my love I inspire you to fall in love with the one who dwells in you

Through my body I activate your passionate vitality

Through my touch I invite you to feel more alive

Through my sensuality I evoke a soulful experience that is the true nourishment you seek from within


*lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu*

May all beings everywhere be Free

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David said on 06-29-2015 at 11:55 am:
Finding this today, with a mixture of gratitude, relief, and affection. There are truths, and then, there are those truths which are relevant now in such a way that, to those that are aware of them, they feel as though they are manifested in a staggering mass with the accordant gravity. Beneath the floor, the pillars connecting it to the earth can be viewed as blockages, or conduits, or one and then the other as the traveller moves and changes. Yet in some pillars of the foundation certain patterns do not merely linger...they grow. The viewpoint of the traveller has little effect, and, as is our nature, we are concerned. The wedge of shadow in our forward march as a collection of civilizations grows even as some of us feel the light so clearly it is hard to imagine how so many more have become so disconnected. Your wrote a letter to the world that should lend no little strength to those who already know but doubted themselves in a world that can do naught but feed those doubts. And to those who do not yet but could see, your letter may give them leave to listen more closely to that quiet voice inside them that often drowns in the cacophony and din from without. For the rest, one can only hope that the warmth of the essences of those who have been touched reaches some part of them as well, perhaps even helping them to a state where reading this message finally rings a bell.

As for me, I see you, Sister. I see your graceful toil, your impassioned works, and your blessed endurance. I see your loving patience, your sharp eye, and your rapt devotion. That this sprang from you eases my own loneliness, for I have written much the same thing in a few, different ways. Namaskar (Today, this means that Sanskit meaning, plus big, fat hug).

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