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About Vela

Luxury Body to Body Sensual Massage- Authentic Bliss Tantra- Erotic Tie & Tease
San Francisco - Oakland - D.C - Boston - New York - Nashville

"She’s the real deal–a professionally trained Tantra goddess who will take you where you’ve never been–both spiritually and sexually."

Pleased to meet you.

My name is Vela. I am a Sensual Healer, Erotic Empath, Modern Temple Priestess and creator of the Soulful Sensuality Method.

I’ve spent years perfecting this unique healing modality designed to inspire you back to Life and take you to profound states of Erotic Nourishment and Pure Love.

I am an expert in Tantric Massage, Sensual Meditation and Secret Techniques that Activate the Source of Inner Bliss and True Fulfillment you seek. 

My skin is a warm nectar that melts away tension. My ocean blue eyes pierce straight to the heart. My touch is a transmission of profound depth and electric revelation: healing and nurturing, yet laced with red hot eroticism and intoxicating pleasure. I am truly a vessel for Erotic Love.

As a true connoisseur of deep connection, you will find my presence to radiate a natural grace and ease that will allow you to feel that you can truly be yourself. I am here to honor all of you. I honor your deepest desire. I honor the pain you carry. I honor your hunger to lose yourself in erotic pleasure. I honor your longing to remember who you really are.

Here in this temple, all of you is welcome.


I became fascinated with both spirituality and sexuality at a young age and set out on a quest to uncover the deeper meaning of Life through both. Through my explorations I have discovered that erotic energy is not separate from spiritual, life force energy. This energy is a deeply potent, life giving medicine, a sacred elixir that is to be honored and respected. When wielded consciously, sensuality is the key that unlocks true vitality, inner bliss and connection to the Source we all so fervently crave.

Cultivating this profound art of conscious sensuality became my lifes’ passion and I set out to study all around the world with some of the best teachers, receiving training in multiple Healing Touch Modalities, Tantra, Shamanism, Spiritual Psychology and Sexual Somatics. I soon discovered my ability of Erotic Empathy, meaning I can intuitively tune in to your desire and turn on, and sense just the right words, movements and touch to open you into heavenly realms of erotic ecstasy. Combining this natural talent with 12 years of professional experience in the erotic healing arts as well the expertise of all of my training, I am truly thrilled to bring my groundbreaking dimension of Soulful Sensuality to you.


Soulful Sensuality:

I created Soulful Sensuality out of a desire to merge Authentic Eroticism with Embodied Spirituality. Combining sacred elements of loving presence, ancient spiritual wisdom and reverent meditation into the realm of desire, pleasure and sensuality is an alchemical recipe for real ecstatic experience.

My approach is simple yet profound. I specialize in creating time out of time experiences designed to elevate you into your most vibrant, natural state of Being. I create a space that is free from shame and tension and use powerful techniques to activate intense, full body pleasure that touches you deep down to the core. My methods are designed to unleash your capacity for real ecstasy. This is true Holistic Sensual Healing where erotic energy is harnessed to provide full spectrum nourishment for your whole Being.

My core principal is this: When erotic energy is consciously cultivated from a place of grounded safety, presence and inner relaxation, it can be integrated as a healing nectar for the entire body/mind/heart/soul. This is not the gratification of scratching an itch. This is full body pleasure as a source of deep and profound inner fulfillment. The emotional balance, mental clarity, inner peace and physical joy that results is better than any drug. It is 100% natural intoxication through the bodies’ natural ability for deep pleasure and ecstasy.

Cultivating pleasure in this way is a true art form and this artistic, conscious, holistic approach to eroticism is the foundation for Sensuality For The Soul.

I believe that sensual pleasure, erotic passion, joyful play and immersion into beauty are all essential nourishments for a healthy and whole human being. I absolutely Love to offer these gifts to the world. I am devoted to guiding you towards authentic bliss, full spectrum nourishment, total body pleasure and real inner fulfillment. 

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